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Price List






















Upper Lip


Side of Face

Eyebrow and Lip

Eyebrow, Lip, and Chin


Full Arms




Bikini Swimsuit Line

Bikini High Cut


Lower Leg

Lower Leg and Bikini

Upper Leg

Upper Leg and Bikini

Full Leg

Full Leg and Bikini

First time Brazilian?

Waxing FAQ's

What if I am shy and nervous?

It is normal to be nervous; however, our wax professionals are thoroughly trained and experienced in this type of hair removal. The service is preformed with discreet, modest techniques. Your bikini region is never completely exposed, and you are never put in awkward or uncomfortable positions.


Does Brazilian or bikini waxing hurt?

The majority of clients say the waxing process isn’t as discomforting as they anticipated. Your first waxing hurts more than any other time because coarse hairs are being pulled out of the hair follicles for the first time. Various techniques are used to provide the least amount of discomfort to you. Each time you wax the hair gets thinner and more sparse.


How long should my hairs be, or how long should I let my hair grow?

If you normally shave, allow ten days of hair growth for best results.

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We require 24 hours notice for cancellation of a service.
Charges may apply for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice and for missed appointments.

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